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bB is a forward thinking fintech company. The overall objective of bB is to build an interconnecting financial and commercial landscape of businesses utilizing your silver asset named nugget.  A nugget is a digitized ounce of silver. When you purchase a nugget, you are ultimately purchasing an ounce of silver with super flexibility.

Nuggets are stored in your cache.  As an asset, a nugget will serve as an alternative hedge against inflation, deflation, and fiat currency. Furthermore, a nugget provides an opportunity for value appreciation. As silver appreciates, so does your nugget.

Using proprietary software developed in-house, buying and selling nuggets with our account management platform is easy and intuitive. As such, you may use your cache of nuggets for payments, for purchases, or for transfers to other bB account holders.

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Nuggets are something real.

Due to its unique and inherent properties, each nugget in your cache has real world value and potential market appreciation at an affordable cost.

Due to the varied and extreme price fluctuations of currently existing volatile assets, there is a lack of certainty, confidence, acceptance, and utilization in the mainstream commercial and retail markets. In contrast, a nugget offers a relatively stable price for commercial transactions. At the same time, nuggets possess the potential for value appreciation for everyone.

Always remember, when you have a cache of nuggets, you have a way to pay. What a wonderful concept!

bluBuzzard Advisors...our upcoming RIA.

We are in the process of creating our first real-world application for nuggets. bB is registering an investment advisor company. bB Advisors will provide you the opportunity to self-direct your account and trade commission free and without advisory fees. Or, you may choose a fee-based investment strategy created by our asset management team.
More to follow…

While managing your cache of nuggets in your bluBuzzard account, bB offers you an additional 25% of the value of your cache in cash. bluBuzzard will credit you with up to 25% of your cache's value. This optional benefit will be offered so that you may transfer the additional 25% to your bluBuzzard Advisors, LLC account for investing purposes. This benefit makes it a little bit easier for you to take advantage of potential market opportunities as they develop, without tying-up your cache. Taking advantage of the "nugget benefit" is almost like two investments in one.

Stay tuned for our next exciting nugget app....the Buzzard's "Nest."

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Opening an account with bluBuzzard is easy, simple, and secure. It is also a first step in building your digital future.

By opening an account at bB, you will be able to buy and sell nuggets. You can also transfer nuggets to another bB account holder. bB’s secure and safe account management software prevents the liabilities associated with existing susceptibile forms of online payment. With the anticipation of bB’s coming marketplace the Buzzards "Nest,” you can also use your cache of nuggets to purchase goods and services from other bB participants.

The first 5,000 individuals to open a bluBuzzard beta phase account and complete our survey will receive a free nugget.

Invest in bluBuzzard.

bluBuzzard is a publicly traded company. Our ticker symbol is BZRD.

BZRD Year to Date stock chart is below.    Current Stock Quote

bB is in the process of operating, structuring, and creating state of the art financial businesses. Simultaneously, we are pursuing our vision of the future by streamlining the integration of payments and investing. We continue to develop new fintech ideas with one main goal...for nuggets to become an integral spoke in the wheel of the forthcoming new world payment infrastructure.

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BZRD vs Year to Date S&P index and Bitcoin

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